SEO Copywriting Tips to Excel

Even though SEO copywriting is not at all new to the net, very many marketers still seem to think of it as regular copywriting. The primary difference being when you write for SEO, you're mainly targeting the search engine algorithms even though you have to write for the audience, too. We'll move forward and see how you can improve your SEO copy for higher performing content.

To give the search engines a positive impression of your site, and to show you've considered SEO, try to maintain a high content to code ratio. What is content to code ratio? You have a certain amount of text on your page along with the code, the balance that you create between these two becomes the ratio.

You can find your exact ratio in your webpage's source code. A good ratio will show you have more content than code on your page. Search engines find this ratio apt for ranking.

Using flash in your copy is highly discouraged. SEO and flash don't go together in any sense of the word. The search engine spiders won't be able to understand the flash which will hurt your ranking. Added to that, the search engines weren't built to index anything with flash. Therefore, if you use flash on your site, it won't get indexed by the search engines.

So for search engine optimization you need to create readable content using text. It can't be stressed enough, do not use flash, stick with text.

An experienced and professional copywriter will never pad high quality copy with words that have no useful purpose. Just bear in mind that all words must count and have a meaning to the section and the whole. No one likes to read information that strays off course, or wanders around, etc. But that doesn't mean you're going to cut down on the content. You will find that balancing between good quality and sufficient quantity is required. A lot of people, and we agree, seem to recommend 400 words as a reasonable length. But in the end it's always best to look at the individual situation where the content will be publish, and then just go from there. For example, if you're trying to explain something that's taking you more than 1,000 words, then by all means keep it that way. Just like with keywords, don't pad your writing just because maybe it looks more impressive, etc.

Aim at helping your readers, the search engines will automatically like you.

These tips, when applied correctly, will definitely boost your search engine ranking.

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